Date 1 or All

Date 1 or All

*NEW* The Date 1 or All app can now add the GPS location or two lines of text to the photo along with the date!

Date 1 or All is ideal for adding the date to:

With Date 1 or All you can add the date to some or all of the photos in an album, or your entire Camera Roll, with just a few button taps. You can also use Date 1 or All to add the date to individual photos. Date 1 or All has a camera function that allows you to take new photos that include the date automatically.

The original photos are retained in the Camera Roll (and the albums where they appear, if any) in case you change your mind about dating a photo. Dated photos are stored in the Camera Roll as well as a Dated Photos album so they can be easily organized into albums.

Features of Date 1 or All:

Get Date 1 or All and start dating your memories today!

For more information on how to use the Date 1 or All app, see the Frequently Asked Questions

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