Full House Puzzle

Full House Puzzle

Full House is a puzzle game that is simple to learn but challenging to complete. There are 54 different game board layouts with increasing difficulty at each level.

The purpose of the game is to visit all squares on the board once, and only once.

Start the game by tapping on a square to mark the starting point. Then tap on one of the adjacent squares to indicate the direction you'd like to move. The token will continue to move until it hits a blocked square, a visited square, or the edge of the board. After the token stops, tap on another adjacent square to move again. Play continues until all squares are visited (you win!) or there are no more moves left (you lose!).

Sometimes you can only move in one direction. If Auto mode is selected by tapping the Auto button, your token will continue to make moves automatically as long as there are unvisited squares left and there is only one choice of direction.

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